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Living off the Smell of an Oily Rag's Journal
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Monday, October 11th, 2010
12:19 am
Интернет Ярмарка TARG.com.ua Редкие и волшебные вещи
Pilgrim, Visitor to our Internet Fair TARG.com.ua , - walking up to our mall! This you will not find anywhere else. At our Fair has it all: from jewelry and handmade clothing, to rare and magical items overseas artisanal. Do you have any questions?
Or maybe you're the Master, who wants to sell the work done by their hands? Or do you merchant that brought a rare thing from overseas lands? Register, open up his shop and sell!

The largest Ukrainian fair things handmade invites!

Free registration: http://targ.com.ua/personal/register.php
Frequently asked questions about the Fair http://targ.com.ua/faq/
Thursday, August 19th, 2010
12:40 am
Here's one for the ladies
I have an online store selling reusable menstrual products, and I thought at least a few women here might be interested. Reusable products may be quite an outlay initially, but they save so much money in the long run - even thos most expensive cup will pay for itself in under a year, and should last up to 10 years.

I specialise in menstrual cups (sometimes known by the brand name mooncup) and washable cloth pads at the moment, but may branch into other products, such as sponges and cloth tampons, at a later date.

I'm still getting up and running, so don't have every brand in stock just yet (international post is sooooo sloooooow), but I will be stocking these cup brands: Diva, femmecup, fleurcup, iriscup, lunette, ladycup, mooncup, Keeper moon cup, meluna, miacup, shecup, and Yuukicup (naturecup too when they are available). Some are here already, others are in transit.

I will also have as broad a range of locally made and imported cloth pads as I can, including some I make myself.

The website is www.environmenstruals.co.nz. (the pad related parts of the site are still under construction, as are a few of the more finicky details throughout).

If you're in Chch I can offer personal consultation with samples and all to help you pick the right products for you, and can even save you postage and let you pay in cash :-) For everyone else, I'm very happy to chat ponline or on the phone, and can be very flexible on payment methods for those without credit cards or online banking.

I hope to be saving you all hundreds of dollars each very soon.

*I'm also keen to hear from anyone who makes pads and pouches who may want me to stock their wares.
Thursday, September 3rd, 2009
11:04 pm
i see the last time I posted was 2006 .. wow :)

anyway useful  :   tinyurl.com/hombudg    simple to use home budget

learn touch typing:  www.tinyurl.com/rapidtyping

sticker book : fairy tales :  tinyurl.com/m2wcm8
Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
5:23 pm
wanna get rid of unwanted goods?

15 October 2006

We need your help!

- donation of plants
- Someone to organise plants and run the plant stall.
- Help leading up to the Fair
- Help on Stalls
- Donations of other goods

Goods may be left in at the school office

If you can help out in any way please contact:

the school

38 Riselaw Road, Calton Hill, Dunedin.

n matthews
Phone - 03 4877 465

Monday, May 22nd, 2006
6:55 pm
ok, I am needing a hand at the mo.. from those parents with kids..
there are two adults and two growing boys .. and one girl almost everyweekend..
i need to know some cheap healthy easy meals i could cook.. and need to know where the cheapest places are to find food.. i am aware coupland is one. (for milk and bread)
we seem to run out of food on t he tuesday.. and pay day is a thursday.
we have $100 to spend on food a week if we are lucky $120..
so all ideas are great ideas, (cept the get a job bit we are in courses atm :P)
and i know u freeze brocolli. any other veges u can not freeze? pumkin?
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
10:14 am
Dunedin Freecycle list
Hi all,

I've just set up a Freecycle mailing list for Dunedin, and would love to see some new members!

The Freecycle Network™ is a great way to recycle unwanted items, create community and spread good karma. If you want to find a new home for something, you send an e-mail offering it to members of the local Freecycle group, or if you're looking for something yourself, simply respond to a member's offer. Then the giver decides who will receive the item (if more than one person has responded) and sets up a pickup time for passing it on. Our main rule: Everything posted must be free, legal, and appropriate for all ages.

Other Freecycle groups around NZ:
Thames/Coromandel/Hauraki Plains
Monday, July 4th, 2005
4:07 pm
Hello again ...
I would just like to mention the fact that I have created two additional New Zealand based communities, art_nz (named after the magazine) for the discussion of New Zealand art, artists, and exhibitions and art history, and nz_artists, for posting personal works of art by kiwis.


Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, July 1st, 2005
8:31 pm
Just a quick note to say that I have created a community for discussing the works of New Zealand authors, nz_literature, in case anyone is interested.


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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
11:15 pm
freebies!Collapse )

feel free to add your own :)

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Sunday, March 6th, 2005
5:37 am
Check your receipts at supermarkets (and in general). Mistakes are often made. Both by the checkout operators (eg, a special doesn't go through) and the customers (eg, you pick up a product thinking it's on special, then get to the counter and realize that it's not - the one on the shelf above it was, or you forget to bring coupons, or put them through).

Return your videos and library books on time. Opt for the weekly video rentals. They're cheaper. Tape things on tv to watch.

Take part in bookcrossing communities.

Prepare and freeze meals several days, or even a week in advance.

Dress warmly. Turn off the heater. Keep the doors to that room shut at all times. Turn off lights and appliances when you're not in the room.

Use concession cards. Save stamps at place like Subway and collect your six inch subs. Other places use rubber stamps, but it's all good.

Visit people. Go for walks. Tape songs off the radio. Stuff like that.

S'all for now. Bye! Taniwha (-:

Current Mood: awake
Monday, February 21st, 2005
11:34 pm
http://www.kaweka.info/ <-- free food... for those who like free food.
Sunday, February 6th, 2005
10:44 am
Crossposted indunners_nz.

The Dunedin Summer Festival has started!

Check out the latest events at http://www.cityofdunedin.com/city/?page=searchtools_whatson ...

Taniwha (-:

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2:17 am
Kia Ora!
Calling all New Zealand women, (or women interested in NZ!). Come join the Kiwi Chicks Community! :)
Monday, January 31st, 2005
6:41 pm
Canned Tomatos(and other food that goes down a treat) !!!!!!!
Probably the most obvious advice but canned tomatos are absolutely wonderful a 90 cent can can be used to make pasta sauce, soup, mexican and indian. They're a great base for a meal as well as being a source of vitamin c.

Fried garlic pieces can be bought from most Asian supermarkets and cost about 1.50 for a bag that will last months (plus it saves all that peeling/chopping/ crushing carry on....you just throw em in the frying pan).

Dried herbs can save any meal...especially basil, oregano, chilli and cumin (although not usually together)

Freshly grown herbs are lovely

Find a big bag of Thai green curry sauce....combine a dessert spoon of that with a cheap can of cocoanut milk and sundry veges lying around the place (stir fry the veges add the sauce, cocoanut milk, a dash of brown sugar, coriander if you have any and some salt) serve on rice for an absolutely fabulous curry.

If you can find a weekend market you can usually pick up slightly misshapen but tasty fruit and vegetables very cheaply (I can usually keep my flat of 3-4 supplied with $16 or so worth of vegetables including decadent stuff like coriander).

Try turning that mishapen fruit into muffins.....

Make use of your supermarket's deli counter to buy tiny little luxurys (it's amazing how much 50 cents worth of olives can improve a meal).

If you're really splurging on eating out......go vegetarian, in most Chinese/Indian restaraunts it's much much cheaper
On that note....Krishna food is a wonderful way to treat yourself to a meal out at a very low cost.
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
11:00 pm
to those with kids..
ok this may seem cruel I do it every now and then and absolutely love the look on my sons face when he wakes up in the morning (even though i was told its kinda cruel..) but i think its ok.. that is
get your kid's fav toy that they sleep with and dress it up in clothes or put it in weird places like in a truck or with a lil cup or sitting at a table or lil places like that and leave it so when the child wakes up.. it looks like their toy has woke up and gone to play or having a cup of tea or gotton itself dressed n stuff. the suprise looks on the kids faces is rather cute..
do u think this is cruel in a way ? (i thought it was cutesy) hehehe.
Saturday, January 29th, 2005
10:25 pm
Hi there
I'm Rachel, I'm 24, and I've not long had my first baby - planning not to go back to work til she and any subsequent youngins are safely in school, so we're down to one income for a while - so I thought this community was a great idea!

I have a few tips that, probably mostly at this stage will only apply to people with littlies, as that's all my brain is function about these days! :) (cos bubba has had a bad couple of days teething, and I'm feeling a little wiped out tonight!)

I wouldn't have known if a friend who's mother works at a swimming pool hadn't told me - the little swimmers and such that babies need to wear when going swimming - you can wash, and re-wash these until they're soiled, as they're only designed to catch poop! Save buying a packet of them, or paying $2.50 at the pool when you go - I've washed mine about 4-5 times now, and they're still going strong!

And cloth nappies are a breeze! What I do is, use flat flannel nappies, folded into a pad, inside weenees (tho I have found these not to be overly reliable of late) or a Nix Nap, which are brilliant at containing leaks (my latest nappy obsession! available from trade me) to wash - don't bother buying expensive detergents - a 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil put in the fabric softener cup is all you need! And to get those nappies extra white and fluffy - add half a cup of baking soda to the wash every so often! Theres nothing more satisfying than seeing a line full of white nappies flapping in the breeze - and the sun bleaches any stains right out! (oooh look - now I sound like a hippy!) I don't soak my nappies in anything either - I just put them in a bucket, and wash every few days! (known as dry-pailing)

My only other tips are, don't over-extend yourself with un necessaries, and make a budget, and stick to it! And I am also buying $5 supermarket xmas club a week with my groceries! (and in my case, get my husband to work more hours! *cracks the whip* :p ) I look forward to reading more ideas! :)

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9:23 pm
Hello! My name is maggie.. I am 25 years old, thought I would introduce myself.
Well I Thought this would be a good community to join.. as a few years ago I thought of making up a little booklet (especially to students).. about hints about budgets and things about flatting situations etc. Though of course I never got round to doing it.. When I remember what I was gonna put in it I will add it to here.. There were a few things.. like for example.. When u get out of the bath make sure you have a towel down on the floor to stand on.. I thought this was a simple thing.. but I was very suprised to find out how many people did not do this and all the accidents people had..
2ndly.. If u have lots of time on your hands.. and have a garden of some sort full of weeds.. why not make the most of it and take the weeds out and put some vege seeds in it.. saves money.. and is kinda fun.. I am not a gardening person but it is worth it and i found quite entertaining.. plus if you have kids they can help too. You will have to grab some containers first. and maybe some soil.. (old margarine pottles.. ice cream pottles etc), so u can put the seedlings into first.. and also pay for the seeds.. which isn't much. Or u could just use seeds out of the veges u buy.. as well as oldish potatoes to grow your own.
Another way on making money and if u enjoy making things.. crafty things.. u could make a whole lot and sell them.. there is the car boot fair sale out tahuna park.. and if u have a car and sell things.. it costs only $5 ..
some good bidding sites..
ebay i didn't find that great.. lotsa stuff but mainly from overseas..
also when u wash dishes.. make sure the water is HOT.. best to buy the washing gloves.. and also use dishwashing liquid.. (laudry det doesn;t work so well) <-- ok I doubt anyone reading this would use that.. but there are quite a few people who think they are saving money by using cold water and laundry stuff :/) and their dishes aren't clean properly..
and remember student job search .. if ur place is a mess or u can;t be bothered doing anything major.. grab a student.. they will just bout do anything for a lil price :P
and thats that til I can think of more..

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2:04 pm
Hi there. I am Taniwha, the creator and maintainer of this community.

I thought that I would share a little about myself, and then pass on a few of the methods that I use in order to manage and save money, most of which are quite well-known, and work on basic, common sense principles.

I am a 33 year old woman. I have lived in Dunedin for most of my life. I studied at Otago University, and have a BA. I worked part-time in various places around town, before leaving to teach English (as a second language) in Taiwan for four and a half years, from 1999 until 2004. I live alone, in a one bedroom flat. I am currently unemployed.

Read more...Collapse )

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1:52 pm
Yoghurt Tasting
Take part in a fun study (at the University of Otago, Dunedin) tasting yoghurt in your own home!

Are you:

* A regular consumer of yoghurt?
* Between the ages of 18-55?
* Available from February 14th until March 22nd?

This involves:

* Free 3 bottles of yoghurt for four weeks
* One introductory session (one hour long)
* One 'end of study' session

Interested participants will attend an introductory session on Feb 14th, and then be called back the following Monday to pick up their 3 bottles of drinkable yoghurt for the week. The next Monday they will return their bottles and pick up 3 more. This will continue until March 14th, and they will attend a final 'end of study' session on Tuesday, March 22nd.

* Chocolates and biscuits will be provided each time you
come to the University.

This study is part of a PhD thesis, and is publicly funded. It is not supported by commercial interests.

If you would like to participate, please ring/e-mail: Kari Russell, 479-5463/k.russell@ucc.ie

This project has been reviewed and approved by the University of Otago Human Ethics Committee.

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