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Hi there
I'm Rachel, I'm 24, and I've not long had my first baby - planning not to go back to work til she and any subsequent youngins are safely in school, so we're down to one income for a while - so I thought this community was a great idea!

I have a few tips that, probably mostly at this stage will only apply to people with littlies, as that's all my brain is function about these days! :) (cos bubba has had a bad couple of days teething, and I'm feeling a little wiped out tonight!)

I wouldn't have known if a friend who's mother works at a swimming pool hadn't told me - the little swimmers and such that babies need to wear when going swimming - you can wash, and re-wash these until they're soiled, as they're only designed to catch poop! Save buying a packet of them, or paying $2.50 at the pool when you go - I've washed mine about 4-5 times now, and they're still going strong!

And cloth nappies are a breeze! What I do is, use flat flannel nappies, folded into a pad, inside weenees (tho I have found these not to be overly reliable of late) or a Nix Nap, which are brilliant at containing leaks (my latest nappy obsession! available from trade me) to wash - don't bother buying expensive detergents - a 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil put in the fabric softener cup is all you need! And to get those nappies extra white and fluffy - add half a cup of baking soda to the wash every so often! Theres nothing more satisfying than seeing a line full of white nappies flapping in the breeze - and the sun bleaches any stains right out! (oooh look - now I sound like a hippy!) I don't soak my nappies in anything either - I just put them in a bucket, and wash every few days! (known as dry-pailing)

My only other tips are, don't over-extend yourself with un necessaries, and make a budget, and stick to it! And I am also buying $5 supermarket xmas club a week with my groceries! (and in my case, get my husband to work more hours! *cracks the whip* :p ) I look forward to reading more ideas! :)
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I've JUST heard about weenees from one of the women in our antenatal group, and I've just been perusing Trademe! Her favourites were Happy Heinies, though.

I saw Nix Naps, but she hadn't used them. You find them good?

I wanted to cloth diaper, but with all the terrible weather we were having trouble getting them dry and I got out of the habit :o/ Plus, our boy is SUCH a pee machine. So I want to try the weenees or whatever.
I've only been using the nix nap for a few days now - but so far its been briliant! fast drying too - so thats a bonus! Sam just had a big poo, and upon smelling it, started to change ger - and found the nappy to be damp on the outside, but it hadn't wet her clothes. I've found that with the weenees, you definately need the deluxe - with the extra sling - or the leak quite badly. The drawback of them I've most noticed is, that while they're waterproof inside, the ribbing around the legs and waist if it gets damp, it wicks the wetness onto clothes really quickly! have a look at www.allaboutnappies.com - has a lot of good info about NZ nappies etc - also try www.everybody.co.nz in the message boards under parenting - there are a lot of great cloth tips, I never realised there was such a variety to choose from! I've got lots of other links too - so feel free to ask! :)
Oh that's marvellous, thank you!
Fluffies are really good over cloth nappies as well. They are all cloth and really absorbent (also relatively cheap). We have used them with our son since he was really little (now 20 months)and found them really useful.