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Hi there
I'm Rachel, I'm 24, and I've not long had my first baby - planning not to go back to work til she and any subsequent youngins are safely in school, so we're down to one income for a while - so I thought this community was a great idea!

I have a few tips that, probably mostly at this stage will only apply to people with littlies, as that's all my brain is function about these days! :) (cos bubba has had a bad couple of days teething, and I'm feeling a little wiped out tonight!)

I wouldn't have known if a friend who's mother works at a swimming pool hadn't told me - the little swimmers and such that babies need to wear when going swimming - you can wash, and re-wash these until they're soiled, as they're only designed to catch poop! Save buying a packet of them, or paying $2.50 at the pool when you go - I've washed mine about 4-5 times now, and they're still going strong!

And cloth nappies are a breeze! What I do is, use flat flannel nappies, folded into a pad, inside weenees (tho I have found these not to be overly reliable of late) or a Nix Nap, which are brilliant at containing leaks (my latest nappy obsession! available from trade me) to wash - don't bother buying expensive detergents - a 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil put in the fabric softener cup is all you need! And to get those nappies extra white and fluffy - add half a cup of baking soda to the wash every so often! Theres nothing more satisfying than seeing a line full of white nappies flapping in the breeze - and the sun bleaches any stains right out! (oooh look - now I sound like a hippy!) I don't soak my nappies in anything either - I just put them in a bucket, and wash every few days! (known as dry-pailing)

My only other tips are, don't over-extend yourself with un necessaries, and make a budget, and stick to it! And I am also buying $5 supermarket xmas club a week with my groceries! (and in my case, get my husband to work more hours! *cracks the whip* :p ) I look forward to reading more ideas! :)
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